When it comes to the weather in Ireland, there is a perceived notion, that our damp and rainy temperate climate is not really ideal for landscape and outdoor photography. From my own experience as a Dublin photographer, I’m inclined to go along with the notion that the Irish weather can sometimes be challenging, but at the same time it can be surprisingly rewarding too.

Of course we do get good days in Ireland too, where you can get out with your camera and take beautiful photos on sunny days. However, there are times when the weather is not so good, bringing lots of rain, overcast and grey skies, and days that are filled with fog and bitterly cold. Miserable days like this might make you want to stay indoors, but if you are willing to get out there with your camera and brave the elements… then there are some great atmospheric scenes and locations just waiting to be photographed.

A Dublin Photography Shoot in the fog:

One day at the start of December in 2020, the weather was set up perfectly for some foggy Dublin photography. I had done my homework the night before, as I do most nights if I plan to go out and take photos the next day. The forecast was predicting lots of fog and very low temperatures. I got all my photography gear ready and made sure I had the right clothing, warm gloves included. The images that I’ve shown here are a small selection of what I captured on that day.

Tips for improving your foggy weather photos:

  • When planning a photography shoot in the fog, it is essential to check your local weather forecast the night before. Get familiar with good photographic locations that you know are prone to decent foggy conditions.
  • Choose a lens with the right focal length based on the desired result you are looking for. A longer lens will compress the image, making the fog look dense. A wider lens will have the opposite effect and make foggy locations look less dense.
  • Try and use manual focus settings on your camera when possible, as auto focus is not always best suited for foggy conditions, due to tiny liquid water droplets that hang in the air.
  • Foggy conditions usually occur early in the morning when the wind is low and the sun is not at full strength. So be sure to get to your shoot location early.
  • Have all your camera equipment packed and ready the night before. Make sure your batteries are fully charged and memory cards have lots of capacity on them.
  • Choose appropriate clothing, especially in Ireland and always have a spare camera battery and memory card.

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Dublin Photography
Grattan Bridge – Dublin 2020
The Hapenny Bridge – Dublin 2020
Dublin Photography
Sandymount Strand – Dublin 2020
The Poolbeg Stacks – Dublin 2020
Benburb Street – Dublin 2020