I’ve always wanted to try my hand at fine art photography. With a background in architectural photography, I’ve always wanted to combine the two. I felt that a fine art photography style with architectural subjects would allow me to be more creative with no limitations. Some new skills would have to be learned, both technically and artistically. The technical broad strokes can be figured out quite easily. The artistic side however, would require practise and no little amount of patience.

With so many great fine art photographers out there, there is plenty of imagery to draw inspiration from. There is also ton of detailed information online about creating fine art photography. Everything from equipment, technique, the various styles and the do’s and don’ts. So I wont go through all of that here. This post however, is more of a brief summary about my take on what I did to get to get up and running and what I learned from the process.

At the start some new equipment was needed, lens filters camera triggers etc. These items, along with my current camera kit, would provide me with the tools needed to start creating. The next step was to start looking at subjects in detail and deciding how best to photograph them. For the style of fine art I was looking to create, I had to look at creating presence, to pay attention to the perspective and contrast of the subject. I also had to incorporate long exposure techniques in to the process too. All of this made for a lot of trial and error. However, through persistence and lots of practise, I eventually started to produce results that I liked. My journey was under way and is still on-going.

After many hours and many attempts, the process became more second nature. My creative ideas began to take shape. I found that with a clear creative idea, and persistence, I was able to achieve the results I was looking for. In photography it’s easy to stick to what you know and be comfortable in how you create your work. The desire to challenge yourself to try new things cannot be underestimated, no matter if it’s art or life itself. In the pursuit of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what you already know by experimenting with new ideas is surely the way to go. Who knows where it might lead you.

Fine Art Architectural Images

Exterior Architectural Photography
Cadenza Plaza Building Dublin
Central Plaza Building Dublin
Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin
Exterior Architectural Photography
Central Plaza Building Dublin
6 Pembroke Row, Dublin
Motor Way Flyover Dublin

A full gallery of my work can be seen on the architecture page of my website. So, if you have a question or would like to collaborate on a future project, please reach out to me. Here’s my contact page… lets catch up for a coffee and have a chat. I’d love to discuss what is possible for your next photography project.

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